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I made a c++ program that looks through a text file and finds the most common x word phrase. This was interesting to run on wikipedia articles and random text, but the real interesting content comes in with Google ngrams.

Google offers a service known as ngrams that gives access to each time a word or phrase is used in a certain year in a certain amount of books from all books every written (to the extend that they have). They offer the raw data for download so what I did was make a c++ program that parses and analyzes this data to find the most common word of phrase every out of all books.

I ran my program on all books looking for the most common one word phrase ever written (most common word), and as you may have guessed, it is


Most common 3-word phrase

After running the program on the n=3 with google ngrams, I found the most common 3-word phrase to be:

one of the

I have the full list available for download below.
You will notice some non-three-word phrases. This is because of Google ngrams’ algorithm’s definition of a 3-word phrase (includes “. it is” as a three word phrase).

The format of the file is:
x.) phrase : occurance # : occurance # of books

Top 3 word phrases

Most Commonly Used English Words

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