I’m Connor

I love working with other ambitious driven entrepreneurs. I enjoy thinking strategically and putting guiding values into action. I’m a big fan of simplicity and making things happen.


I’m a big fan of simplicity. i.e. Thinking about what’s really important and writing/sharing/talking about that.

I understand not everything in life is simple. Complex problems with complex priorities require a conversation, not a simple solution. I strive to strike the most productive balance of simplicity and depth of understanding.

My Development Philosophy

I write in go, I love go.

Go is the perfect balance of being fast and compiled, with the simplicity of python. Go enables me to write the best code I ever have.

I believe in writing clean, well documented code. This doesn’t just mean “add comments.” It means

  • Naming functions accurately and concisely
  • Writing interfaces that are consistent and easy to understand
  • Writing documentation in and out of the code (README, API docs, etc)
    • Documentation that is simple and skimmable
    • Documentation from the perspective of the reader (How to do this…)
    • Documentation that shows (examples) and explains (english)
  • Following 12factor.net (for web apps / APIs)
  • Containing functionality in libraries
    • Libraries that are very simple to use, with optional additional complexity
  • Being idiomatic

You can see my work at my Github Projects


I don’t write many posts, but I have some. I’m also thinking of switching to just using my medium.