I’m Connor

I love working with other ambitious driven entrepreneurs. I enjoy thinking strategically and putting guiding values into action. I’m a big fan of simplicity and making things happen.


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2019 Goals

Here’s what is top of mind for me this year. Updated 11-9-2019

  • When I’m in a situation or have a decision to make, generating an action plan plus a feedback loop to iterate and adapt.
  • “Rely on” and check my phone less often, to be more present
  • Figuring out more pieces to the puzzle on who I want to be. I’m a developer by heart, but I’m not sure if I want to focus more on management, entrepreneurship, or being a developer
  • Share more of what I’m doing and thoughts (via twitter?)
  • My company Stackend Solutions
    • Crossing 6 figures in revenue
    • Having more processes documented, simplified, and executed by my team.
      • New Process: Think, Document, Simplify, Action, Listen&Adapt
    • Changing to a value based pricing model
    • Put more ownership and responsibility on the right people
    • Thinking about the impact I want to make, and if doing my company really makes me happy

2020 Goals

2020 Goals

  • Doing meaningful work I enjoy
  • My company Stackend Solutions
    • Crossing Quarter million in revenue