Connor Lake


My name is Connor Lake. I created this website to keep track of my most notable and polished projects and achievements. Please, feel free to check out some of my work in the projects tab.

Thanks so much for visiting!

About Me

Ever since I was very little, I have loved electronics. My first experience with computers was with Flash CS4 and computer animation. I instantly fell in love with the field of computers and set out to learn everything I could. I started getting involved in more powerful languages such as java and c++. Before I knew it, I was writing more powerful and intesting software. I even started working with web-based applications and coding in languages such as html, php, mySQL, javascript, etc.
Soon, I found the field I know I want to be in: Computer Security. Specifically Computer Security in Computer Networking and linux. I love the structure and infrastructure there is in networking, and on top of that, I love defending against attacks and securing systems. Over the time I spent studying Computer Security, I have learned key ways to secure systems, and have become skilled with the linux bash command line.

I have endless more to learn; in fact, the more I learn about computers, the more I discover how little I know. However over my years exploring computer science I have gained a respectible amount of knowledge with computers and coding. Today I am very proud of what I know, but I am always looking for more to learn.