Stackend Solutions LLC

I’ve been doing a lot of consulting work over the last year, it has since taken off more than what I can handle.  So on June 5th 2017, I decided to formalize my business into Stackend Solutions LLC.  I hired employees and set up payroll for some additional help.

Since then everything has been going fantastic.  I have my own company bank account to manage invoices and payroll, and a company card to use on expenses.  I manage my clients, still doing most of the work myself, but also dividing up and assigning work to my employees to get it done by the clients’ deadlines.

Update early 2018:

I’ve refined my company niche and purpose:

At Stackend Solutions we build cost-effective web platforms for startups and small business.  Think dashboards and software on the web.  Our website has some examples at

I like to think of it as a blessing and a curse, but I ultimately love doing it.  It’s truly a pleasure working with so many smart and ambitious founders and helping them to achieve their vision.

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