Defeating a virus and finding the hacker’s location

Learning how hackers hack computers allows me to defeat viruses when they try to defeat me. I have never faced straight on a virus but I do have friends that have. One of my friends faced a dangerous virus and lost control of his computer to a hacker. The virus took control of his computer and webcam and didn’t allow for it to be terminated. I walked step by step with him to fix it and we ended up fixing his computer and I dissected the virus on my own computer using a virtual machine.

I managed to shut down the virus and rid it fully off the virtual machine after a few hours of work. I learned all about the virus and how it worked and discovered where the hacker lived (general city) by geo locating the ip of his command and control server.  I have reason to believe this is where he lived because my friend confirmed the location to be where he was from (according to his g+ profile, etc).  I discovered he no longer was communicating with this hacking software. I kept a close eye on the hacker’s server and managed to find the exact router he was using.  As of now that has passed but I learned more on computer security and now know more on how to defeat possible viruses on computers in the future.

As the internet get’s larger and larger it becomes a bigger and bigger area for abuse. Staying technologically literate allows me to keep myself and others safe.

Here are some photos of the sneaky virus:


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