DDoS Detector

If you are unfamiliar with DDoS it stands for Distributed Denial Of Service.  It is an attack from a large network of computers overloading your computer with network requests. This is particularly common for web servers and hosting services. So while I was hosting a game servers community, I needed to make sure I was safe from this attack.

I took the initiative to code my own version of software that prevents these attacks because professional software is usually very expensive; also I wanted to take up the challenge. This project took an incredible amount of work and patience. Because I needed low level access to networking I had to used external C++ libraries. It took a long time to figure out and I would call it my most challenging java project yet, however in the end it works fantastically and I am very happy I put in the work for it.

The software monitors the packet output from every ip address and logs the time and date a certain ip sends an obsessive amount of data or a very large amount of clients are connected (TCP). It then has the option to temporarily block those IP address from sending any more data to stop the problem. I ran this program on my server for a long time and managed to catch and stop multiple hackers and protected my servers.


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